Macros and Tripods

I wasn’t one to use tripod a lot. Don’t know if it is because my mother rarely used them, or if it is because it is ONE MORE thing to carry (and assemble). Bottom line is, I’m changing my profile with tripods.

I have seen the difference that taking a photo with a tripod and without it can make. That becomes very clear when we look at my recent landscape photos I took: the SS Speke Shipwreck, the Pinnacles and Tenby Point… and the other photos I took down at the peninsula.

Cute Mushrooms in the driveway

So, I decided to move the tripod to another area of my photography: macros. Today I decided to take photos of the little natures on my driveway. I used my mini-tripod for the exercise because I needed to get very close to the mushrooms and the flowers. The mini tripod is proving to be more flimsy than I had anticipated and it is starting to be difficult to work with it. Next time, I will try using my travel tripod which may give me a similar distance.

African Daisy in the driveway

Now, the interesting thing about these photos is the warmth of them. Today, being cloudy, I decided to set the white balance to “Cloudy”. I did not adjust the white balance in Lightroom and it turns out that the camera compensated the cloudy day with a bit more warmth. I did not use any filter other than a CPL.

In the edit below, I adjusted the white balance of the previous photo. I think it looks so much better.

African Daisy in the driveway – white balanced

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