Long Weekend

Long weekends generally mean: ROADTRIP!

I’m excited. We are going to the Colac/Otways area in Victoria. There are many activities we can do there with Hughey, the “custest”and “bestest” puppy ever (said the “completely unbiased” fur-daddy). Even though sunset will be at 8:45pm (in Colac), I will try to stay awake to take a night sky photo, after all, I don’t get that many opportunities.

There is Lake Colac, Colac Botanic Gardens, Lake Beeac, Stevenson Falls, Red Rock Hill Top among other activities we are planning to do, taking Hughey along.

We will leave early (9:00 AM) on Monday – making it an extra-long weekend – get to Stevenson Falls just after 11:00 AM. Then we do the hike, have a picnic, see if we can bathe in the waterfall (and do that if we can, after all it will be almost 40oC).

Lake Beeac is a salt lake and last year it was dry in January. Fingers crossed that the same will happen this year. If it doesn’t, we get to see the milky-blue water (as all touristy references make it to be) and hopefully I’ll be able to capture it’s beauty (or oddity).

Red Rock Hill Top is a viewing point of a “vulcanic” area in Victoria: lots of craters and interesting places to explore.

I am planning to make the most of the road trip, from both a family perspective as well as a photographic perspective.

Marked in red on the map are the places we will likely visit (mentioned above).

Note: I hold no rights over the map used, it is a screenshot taken of Google Maps.

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