January 2020

Ok, I know I haven’t posted here in a while. That’s because a lot is happening during the month of January. First, start of new job – and with that new opportunities (for photographing). Second, my dad came over for my wedding. And last, with him being here, we have been doing A LOT of activities, which in turn provide a lot of photographic material.

With the new job, I met new people. Within the first two weeks at the new job, I already got someone interested in my photography. One of my colleagues has an AirBnB in Deans Marsh, the city my husband and I spent the night when we went to Lorne for him to swim Pier to Pub. This colleague offered the house for free, in exchange for me to take photos of the inside of the house. The AirBnB material she currently has is very bad, so she is looking for someone to photograph the property. We went there earlier in the week (Wednesday-Thursday). We were supposed to stay until Friday, but the weather didn’t cooperate and my dad wanted to come back to Melbourne.

On “the way” back to Melbourne we went to Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles. Great experience, but the wind was just too intense. I got good shots of the Apostles as well as the family.

So, my dad came over for my wedding. It was great! The wedding and the fact that he came – he is still here. I wanted a small wedding, Dean wanted a big wedding and so we got something in the middle. It was fantastic. The reason I’m talking about wedding sizes is that for me, we would sign the papers and go have dinner, plain and simple. But our compromise comprised of: a photographer, pre-wedding drinks at our Ambassador Suite at the Sofitel, ceremony at the Old Treasury Building, drinks at Locanda Private Dinning, drinks back at the Sofitel, and dinner back at Locanda. We hired Lauren Marshall and she did a fantastic job (one week since the event and we already have a sneak preview).

I’ve already mentioned we went to Lorne/Deans Marsh and Apollo Bay/Twelve Apostles, but our adventures do not stop there. Yesterday we went to Mornington Peninsula for lunch at Montalto and then stopped by Arthur’s Seat on the way back. Today we are going to the zoo and tomorrow to Phillip Island to see the little penguins. At last, we will fly to Sydney on Friday, where they will stay until 08/02, but Dean and I will return on 02/02. Expect photos in February.

Sorry for the long post and lack of photos to justify it.

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