First Harvest

Dean has had bees for just over a year now. I gave it to him as an early Christmas present last year. The only reason I did so was because there is a general date when you can get order a hive – and/or queen bee – and still get honey for the season.

Turned out that we didn’t get any honey last season. More over, this past year the colony we got was not developing as we has hoped/expected and we felt it was better to take it to Dean’s father’s house, where there were a lot more flowers in the region.

Our idea turned out to be a great one and this past week Dean has managed to do his first honey harvest. He started it on 20/12 but did not have time to harvest everything. So he went back yesterday and I tagged along.

These four photos show a little bit the process. The hive has three boxes, one of them – from which we extract the honey – is a Flow hive box.

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