This blog to me is a sanity exercise. In fact, photography itself is a sanity exercise.

I’ve tried to keep a consistent blogging pattern: at least once per week. This frequency is not always possible, but I have been able to get close to it. The 52 Weeks of Chickens is one of the exercises that almost force me to post here.

I don’t think I highlight enough how important photography is for my mental health. While I’m photographing I am taken away into a state where nothing else in the real world matters: it focuses me in creating, looking for a better way to capture the moment. It is exhilarating when I have a great photo, when I know I have done great work, when I can see a final product that makes me happy.

I do get frustrated when I run out of new ideas or inspiration. When my work is sub-par to the quality of the execution or expected creativity. But that’s because I enjoy it and want to become better at it.

I have recently read all the posts from the past 12 months and realized how much I love going on (road) trips to photograph, love setting up photographic sessions with models (especially if they are a friend) and even re-exploring well known places to provide a different perspective.

My appreciation for photography goes well beyond the admiration of the beautiful, it is about keeping myself sane. Having session dates to look forward to helps me go through rough days; the sort of days I repeat to myself: all I have to do is get through today.

Because of photography, I have gotten through so many of those days.

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