Plane Spotting (again)

Yesterday the day was beautiful, so my partner and I went plane spotting. It had been over a year since the last time we went plane spotting. This time we were a lot more focused, we knew the ‘good spot’ to take photos.

I took my Big Bertha lens (the Sigma 150-600mm) so that I could get more up-close and personal with the plane, i.e. stalk from afar. I first started quite far from the fence, but as curiosity and excitement took over me, I moved very close to the fence. At some point, airport security came by and said I was too close to the fence. He politely asked me to step back a bit, and so I did. It made photographing to get a good photo of the planes without seeing the mesh from the fence difficult, I have none that are comparable to the Cargo 747 I took last year (see below).

Singapore Airlines Cargo – Cargo 747 @ Tullamarine Airport

I had to use manual focus in order to not have the camera focusing on the fence itself. Despite all this, you can see the fence mesh in most of the photos that were taken closer to the fence (maybe I needed a brighter aperture). Nonetheless, I took less photos, but got better overall results (7 photos this year against 5 from last year). Below are the photos from this attempt.

To see all of the photos I have taken of planes so far, visit the Plane Spotting album.

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