Chickens (Week 6 of 52) – Saying goodbye to Albert

Albert came as a timid, hurt rooster to our chicken run. We took care of him and as we started becoming more comfortable around us, he also started causing trouble.

He started crowing and with that, bothering the neighbors. Dean managed to reduce his crowing by putting a colar on him.

A few weeks ago, he started chasing (more than usual) the girls. They get terrified and are now flying over the fence to get away from him. He, in return, flies over the fence to chase them. To the point that they escaped on a Sunday to Monday night and ended up at a neighbor’s house. We found in just perusing around the property looking for the girls (who had been kindly collected by the neighbor).

Due to the amount of trouble he’s been causing us, we got rid of him: we gave Albert away to someone who lives where he will be able to have as much space as he wants; crow as loud as he wants and chase as many chickens as he wants.

We miss you Albert. Be safe.

For all of the photos taken so far, visit the 52 Weeks of Chickens album.

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