Chickens (Week 5 of 52)

Other than the chickens running away, nothing really happened this past week.

Albert is scaring the chickens out of the chicken run, they are flying over the fence. One night we left the gates opened and found them at a neighbor’s house.

Albert has become a nuisance. His crowing bothers the neighbors, he’s scaring the girls in all directions and leaving them with patches that don’t have feathers. We will get rid of him at some point… I honestly hopped he would’ve already been given to a couple that are friend’s of Dean. But they haven’t been very forthcoming in communications and because of that, we haven’t taken him to their estate (in Daylesford).

Below are this week’s photos. Ever since the last (or last 2) Lightroom updates, I have been struggling to print out good photos. They have changed something in the product that is making the photos very harsh or too dull when printed. I’ve been spending a lot more on paper and ink that I used to. I print every photos of the chickens that is posted here.

For all of the photos taken so far, visit the 52 Weeks of Chickens album.

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