Dusk in Yarraville

Yesterday, Dean and I went to Yarraville to look at a house (we’re looking to buy). On the way back home, we took a detour to pick up his bike. I dropped him off where he left his bike (long story) and started driving back. The GPS was a bit confused as to which direction I was heading, so I ended up taking a wrong turn. In fact, I took a series of wrong turns trying to fix the original wrong turn.

To my surprise, I suddenly found myself somewhere in the between Yarraville and Spotswood. I looked up and saw the beautifully light West Gate Bridge full of cars slowly driving by (traffic jammed). I thought to myself: if only I had my camera…

And so, with time on my hands today, I decided to go to the same area at about the same time to take photos. Here is the result of a bit of scouting in the proximity.

Now, none of these photos were taken exactly where I saw the bridge, which makes me think I might need to go back and take more photos sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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