My next project/photo essay will be about Joy.

I have already written the project proposal and methodology. My next step is getting people to participate in it.

Earlier this week I reached out in Facebook asking who wanted to participate in the project. From all the reactions I had about the project, I had only one viable response – a great friend of mine from back when I lived in Brazil reached out. She wants to be part of it and was offering to send photos. When I told her that it was for ME to capture the Joy, she got so much more excited. I will photograph her when I go in 2020, hopefully for my wedding 😉

But this reaction brought me a bit of sadness. It got me asking a couple of questions:

  1. Do people not have a joyous part in their lives?
  2. Are people so self involved that they can’t or are not willing to share their Joy with others?

In regards to the second question, that even unfolds into something even more somber: are we cynic to the point where we think that people will either criticize our Joy if we expose it? Or even that they will e envious and try to ruin our Joy?

I might be making too much of this (probably am)… My guess is that some people are shy and just don’t want to be photographed. And for those who don’t, please reach out to help a friend out!

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