Models and Portraits

Recently I’ve joined an ‘online photographic’ society, focused on pairing up photographers, models, hair stylists, make up artists and costume designers. It is a great idea and there are a lot of interesting profiles there. I have seen great work done by the participants: beautiful models, great photographs. This platform, called Model Mayhem, is a great opportunity to pull a photo-shoot together. I signed up and created my profile. But to be approved, you need to have at least 4 photos. So I used a couple of my photos from the Portraits project, one of Ray – who went to Sea Lake with me – and one of Dean (displayed as the feature photo here).

Having said that, and I am very excited with the prospect of meeting these models to take photos of both male and female, I have also put up a shout out to my friends to see who would be willing to model for me. I did get a few responses and have set up a photo shoot for this weekend. If it will go through or not, is a whole different question and I’m not sure where it will be. I’m thinking either Carlton Gardens, but if it rains it won’t work, or renting a studio, which I haven’t done yet. I have let him know that this is one of my first model directing shoots and that he will have to be patient. As payment, I will give him a few prints of the photos (and grant him to use the lower resolution photos for non-commercial use).

I have also a photo-shoot set up for 18/05 with someone who had volunteered prior to me advertising the need in FB. She is excited and we had planned to photograph a few weeks ago; but then it rained and we decided it best to not risk it. So we will plan something on that date, and if needed, I will look for a studio where I can set up my photography material.

I am hopeful that this will fruit in many different opportunities to photograph.

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