I hate my photos

Well, it’s not as dramatic as I made it sound. Or maybe it is. The fact is, that I’m having issues picking photos to be submitted to competitions, or even to go on my site. I can’t decide what to post or enter because I look at all of them and I think: these look horrible.

I know part of it is the editing: in some photos I have just put the contrast way too high. Some photos that I took in Brazil in 2017 have greens that just looks unnatural, or there is some blurry light that become apparent when I reduce the highlights and it screws up the photo. I think I’m starting to realize these things now that I print photos… that and I got a Colorimeter for my birthday this year (see below).

Be it because I now print, or because I adjusted the displays or even that I have matured as a photographer; the bottom line is that there are only a very few photos I can say look great. The photo from this post one the ones I like (so much that I will print it in A3 format) .

The Colorimeter
I got for my birthday during a family dinner that was celebrating all February and March birthdays. This happened last Friday (15/03) – 6 days prior to my actual birthday. As a result, I adjusted the color on my monitors (laptop and separate monitor) and now I think my photos are even worse.

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