Pink Lakes

Lake Tyrrell is a pink salt water lake in North-Western Victoria. The stillness of the water makes it a mirror, and during sunset it provides with the most stunning colors over the water. I want to photograph it.

The lake is located about 4 hours from Melbourne, in the city of Sea Lake.

Almost on the border between Victoria and South Australia, then is Loch lel. Loch lel (Pink Lake) is about 1 hour and 30 minutes South-West of Tyrell Lake. Its pink is supposed to be even more impressive than of Lake Tyrrell.

I’m planning to do a (long) weekend of pink lake photographing. Melbourne-Lake Tyrrell-Loch lel-Melbounre. I would drive up to Lake Tyrrell on Saturday morning, arriving at Sea Lake around lunch time. Check-in to the hotel and relax for the rest of the day. Late afternoon, would drive out to the lake and start photographing, as I have a picnic dinner. Once the stars are out, take photos of the night sky.

Sunday morning I would drive to Dimboola (Loch lel) and photograph the lake for a few hours. Depending on accomodation scheduling, I would either stay there or drive back to Sea Lake. Monday morning, I would head back to Melbourne.

For photographing the lake, I would take my 18-35mm Wide Angle lens. For night time photography, I will take the 50mm f/1.8G prime lens as an alternative to the wide angle lens. As a back-up option, I would take my versatile lens (24-85mm).

Between Loch lel and Melbourne, close to Nerrin Nerrin, there is another Pink Lake that might be worth looking at. It increases the drive back in about 45 minutes, but it might be worth the drive, if we don’t feel too tired.

Lake Tyrrell:

Loch lel:

Note: I hold no rights over the map image, it was a screenshot from google maps.

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