Night sky photos!

So my partner and I went to Lorne so he could swim the “Pier to Pub”. As the name suggests, the swim goes from the pier in the city all the way to the beach area in front of a pub.

It is about 1.2 Km. He is very sporty.

We decided to stay in Lorne that weekend. We actually stayed in Dean’s Marsh, about 20 minutes from Lorne. Because of how remote we were (we stayed in a cottage), I decided to take shots of the night sky!

Here are the two best photos (3 minutes apart). Notice how you can see the difference in the position of the stars (at least in Lightroom you can).

I used a 18-35mm (@ 18mm) wide angle lens for both @ f/3.5. One of them I used ISO 6400, the other I used ISO 8063 and both with 25 seconds for the shutter speed.

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