Night Photography

This entry is not the photo-shoot of my night photography exercise.  This is about the study for the night photography. It will be a series of posts/sessions and with each of the sessions I will cover a few monuments/areas within the city.  I will explore Melbourne’s CBD first, then will start moving to the suburbs: from Fitzroy to South Melbourne to Windsor to wherever there is something interesting to be photographed at night.

The “Night Photography” series is about taking those corny, but cool, long exposure photos at night, capturing car light trails and ghosts strolling through the image.  I will leave you with some of my initial thoughts below.

Session 1: 17/08/2018 (Planned)

  • Flinders Street Station (corner of Swanston and Flinders);
  • Old Treasury Building.

Now, for the follow up sessions, I’m thinking of:

  • State Library.
  • Victorian Parliament Building (when the restoration has finished happening);
  • China Town;
  • Federation Square (still debating).

I keep asking myself: what else would I like to photograph in the CBD?  For now, this will do and as I mature the project, more interesting places will come to mind.

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