Trips 2021

2021 promises more opportunities for travel and landscape photography than 2020.

In 2020 I had many plans for landscape and wild life photography, none of which came to fruition because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 I plan on restarting my travels for interesting photography.


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Great Ocean Road Trip – Part 3

Due to current lockdown restrictions in Melbourne, the trip to the Great Ocean Road will not happen yet. This does not mean it won’t go ahead, it just means that it won’t go ahead tomorrow. My friend Stephen and I are alert for when the restrictions are lifted so we can plan the earliest possible […]

The Great Ocean Road – Part 2

We are less than a month away from the trip and COVID-19 related state wide lockdown is in place. Don’t know if it will affect the trip, seeing as we have at least 3 weeks until the trip. However, in this uncertain environment, we never know. Reviewing what I have researched so far, I think […]

The Great Ocean Road – Part 1

Things have started becoming more certain around the trip to The Great Ocean Road this year. Stephen and I have been in constant contact and it looks like the dates are starting to settle in. The tentative weekend is going to be 12/08 (Friday) to 14/08 (Sunday). We are still working out the number of […]

Planning the Next Trip

It’s so sad when I don’t have a (photo) trip planned. I know that in times of COVID, planning isn’t really a thing and travelling is very restricted. However, we are starting to think of the next trip. I love the fact that Stephen and Dean (my husband) want to go around Victoria taking photos […]


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If you know somewhere photographically interesting for me to visit, please feel free to reach out and suggest.

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