This exercise is to look at the results of when you restrict your photography with a set of parameters. The purpose is to focus the photographic experience towards a common objective and to see how many different ways we can execute with the same set of limitations.

Parameters: Yellow

In this exercise, I will limit myself to photographing with parameters that restrict me.  I am limiting myself and exploring what I can do within the bounds of those limits.  I have chosen 3 parameters:

  • 1 block in the CBD that goes from Bourke Street Mall to Collins Street;
  • The exercise is limited to 30 minutes; and
  • Only allowed to photograph things that contain something yellow on it.
Parameters: Yellow block to explore
Parameters: Yellow block to explore

I will also try to make some the photos in black-and-white to see if they will look good.

Execution on 10/11/2018

I had a very busy day, I went through all my photos.  There were a lot of opportunities with yellow in that block: a lot of construction work happening (who would have thought).  My partner came along and did the exercise also, so here are the top 5 photos from each of us.

My Photos

My Partner’s Photos

Parameters: Wheels

The planned date for executing this exercise is 30/11/2019. I am proposing the following parameters:

  • 50mm prime pense;
  • Along Swanston Street;
  • 30-45 minutes; and
  • Photos that contain visible wheels.


Despite the probability of rain, the session happened on 30/11/2019 as expected. I took around 45 photos of ‘wheels’ and with the culling, was brought down to 34. During the exercise, I tried to think outside the box: what is a wheel? And so I took photos of all things wheel… or better round-ish. And so the results will be decided into 3 categories: Selected photos (strictly wheels), Functional wheels and abstract wheels.

The photos below are only of the ones that are considered the selected (functional) photos. For the post with all the photos, please visit the Parameters: Wheels post.

Parameters: Movement

I’m still working out the execution date. I am proposing the following parameters:

  • Take 2 photos of an event: one crisp photo, one with a blur that indicates movement
  • 2 separate locations, 30 minutes each

I will allow for a zoom lens, as I may need to be stationary and won’t be able to closer or further from the subjects to frame it properly.

Note: I hold no rights over the map images, they are screenshots from google maps.

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