Goals 2021

These are my photographic goals grouped by year in which I (had) hope(d) to (or have) achieve(d) them. Some of the goals might start out very generic, such as “Wildlife Photography”, in which case this likely represents the first time I will be doing such a thing. Once I understand the mechanics of doing that type of photography, the next time around will be easier to be more specific as to what I hope to achieve that year.

Note: items with a ** beside them mean it will be stretch goals.



The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building

I will take a photo for The Lights of Melbourne Project, where I do long exposure at night in iconic buildings in Melbourne. The Old Treasury Building hits the sweet spot as it is where I got married.

Planned Date: April/2021 || Executed Date: 09/07/2021

Studio Session

I would like to take photos in studio again. Have not picked the subject, model or date. Since this is an indoor activity, may be worth doing it in the winter months.

Planned Date: June-July/2021 || Executed Date: N/A

Peaceful Sunrise/Sunset

Take a photo of the sunrise or sunset that inspires peacefulness.

Planned Date: March/2021 || Executed Date: 27/02/2021

The Lights of Melbourne – Royal Exhibition Building

Photograph he building light up at night with the water fountain going. As a stretch goal, have some event that lights it differently outside as a second photo of the building.

Planned Date: April/2021 || Executed Date: 17/04/2021

Night Sky Composition

The objective of this goal is to take photos of the Milky Way shinning brightly behind something in the foreground.

Planned Date: March/2021 || Executed Date: N/A

Parameters Exercise

Execute another Parameters exercise using different paraments than I have already used. Think of different location, timeframe and point of view.

Planned Date: October/2021 || Executed Date: N/A

Bucket List

  • Domestic Wildlife Photography
  • International Wildlife Photography

Previous Years


  • The Lights of Melbourne – Old Treasury Building – Not executed
  • The Lights of Melbourne – Victorian Parliament – Not Executed
  • The Joy of Riding a motorcycle – Joy Project – Not Executed
  • The Joy of ? – Joy Project – Not Executed
  • Studio Session – Not Executed
  • Scene Composition – Not Executed
  • Plane Spotting – A380 – Not Executed
  • The Lights of Melbourne – The Royal Exhibition Building** – Not Executed
  • Travel Photography** – Not Executed

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