Come dine with me. This album unites two things I love: photography and food. In here, I will upload photos of the dinners I cook for myself and my husband. I’m trying to make ordinary dine-in meals into extraordinary dinners.

Fresh egg pasta drying
Chermoula Eggplant and Bulgur
Middle East
Dan Dan Noodles
Far East



In my family, we would always make cappelletti for Christmas lunch. The way things would go is: on the weekend prior to Christmas, all of us would gather up and start folding the little tortellini-like hat-like parcels deliciously filled with pork, cheese and nutmeg. When we were in the city where my mom was from, […]

Cantonese Chicken with Cashews

I made Chicken with Cashews that I got from a Cantonese cookbook on Monday night. I loved the simplicity of the flavors and how great they work together.


Last night’s dinner was a double feature of ceviche… well not really. For dinner, I made a Mexican based ceviche and a Ají Amarillo based tiradito! It was delicious, fresh and slightly spicy.

Pescado Rodrigo

Apparently Pescado Rodrigo is a standard mexican preparation of fish, especially in Mexico City (or so I’ve read). This is what I got from my research, but since I have never been to Mexico City, I cannot confirm. I, obviously, took this off a Mexican cookbook. The recipe suggested serving it with corn tortillas. Since […]

Singapore Noodles

I have not stopped cooking on a daily basis, but not able to take good photos all the time. It is either time constraint or composition constraint. Today’s photo is of one of my favorite noodles that is easy to get here in Melbourne: Singapore Noodles. This version feels like it lacks something, and because […]


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