Lakes Entrance

The Photographic Road Trip

Lakes Entrance

This trip came out of the desire to take more interesting photos. I was originally looking at mountains and trails that would be interesting to photograph. I started doing research in google maps and (I have no affiliation with either) on places to go and somehow I ended up in Buchan. I looked at the mountain ranges around it and thought it would be a good photographic opportunity. It was after I did the first booking (in Buchan) that I noticed I had a marked saved location on my google maps; it was marked the Buchan Caves: another set of caves with stalactites in Victoria. I felt like I hit a gold mine.

Upon further investigation, I noticed that Buchan was less than one hour from Lakes Entrance, a beautiful town that is squished between beautiful lakes and the Pacific Ocean; the East Coast of Victoria. As such, I found a property in Lakes Entrance and booked it. We are now going to Lakes Entrance for the Queens Birthday long weekend.

Even though Lakes Entrance has activities that our puppy can participate, I’m not entirely sure that this is a trip we can take him. I’m sure he would love to go on the beach to play, but I don’t want to limit the activities I do at Lakes Entrance (and Buchan Caves) because we have decided to take Hughey with us.

The trip has temporarily been put on hold.

The Road

We still have not planned the road we will take.

Activities and Planned Photos


It will be winter and the general expected temperatures for 12/06 is 18oC/6oC in Lakes Entrance. Hughey (our dog) loves the beach and I don’t think the temperature will be a deterrent for him.

Buchan Caves

Buchan Caves is the generic name I’m giving to stalactite caves complex in/around the city of Buchan. I plan on visiting at least one of the caves. Will need to understand a bit better if dogs are allowed in the caves.

At the end of 2019, I went to Princess Margarete Rose Cave to take photos of the stalactites caves. The caves were really interesting, but not enough lighting for fantastic photos. My husband and I had a great time in the trip. We are hoping that Buchan Caves will be just as interesting if not more.


Between hikes in the Snowy River Reserve and the ones available in Lakes Entrance, we will have plenty of them to do. We probably will have time only for one or two. Here are the possible walks we can do:

  • Lakes Foreshore Walk
  • Nyerimilang heritage park (over 1 hour in short walks around the property)

Wine and Beer Tasting

Locally produced wine and beer can be sampled. More details to come.

Dog Friendly Activities

If we are taking Hughey, we need to look at this website: Dog Friendly Destination ~ Lakes Entrance, VIC | Puppy Tales
Looks like in the reserve where the Buchan Caves is situated doesn’t allow for dogs. This makes the likelihood of taking Hughey with us very small.

Planned Photos


Ocean Sunrise

Looking to take a photo of a beautiful sunrise from the East coast of Victoria.

Study of the views will be provided after photos have been posted.

Night Sky

A night sky photo by the sea/foreshore will be a great opportunity. I’m thinking including boats on the photo might also be interesting.

Study of the views will be provided after photos have been posted.

Town Life


I would love to take photos of the local market. Need to research if they have a weekly farmer’s market that will happen during out stay.

This photo will unlike have any study, as I will not have access to the location prior to the arriving at location.

Outter Activities


Buchan Caves are a great opportunity to photograph stalactites. I will try to use the brightest lens I have (Sigma 20mm) to take a photo of the cave during the tour.

This photo will unlike have any study, as I will not have access to the location prior to the tour.

Stony Creek Trestle Bridge

Beautiful Treslte Brigde that has probably been over-done in photos. Will try to produce something different.

This photo will unlike have any study, as I will not have access to the location prior to the arriving at location.

The Posts about the Trip

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Note 1: Map images are screen shots of google maps, I hold no rights over them.

Note 2: The page footer image was taken from the Victorian Lakes Entrance website. I hold no rights over it.

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