52 Weeks of Chickens – 2nd Generation

The Naming

Dolores, a feisty chick that saddens me. Her name means pain in Spanish, and that’s what I see every time I look at a photo of Dolores eating.

Early in the project, between the photos of Week 1 and Week 2, I tried taking photos of the chickens eating. I thought: they will be more or less still if they are pre-occupied eating. Upon looking at the material, I saw that all three chickens looked sad while they were eating, with their heads down. But Dolores more than the others. Dolores looked like she was in severe angst and pain.

Dolores is the smallest of the three, she probably is bullied when the lavatory door is closed. One of the earlier days (again, between Week 1 and Week 2) Dolores was very quiet, not eating or interacting with her sisters. Worried, we contacted the guy who Dean got the chicks from and he said that it could be the case of bullying. I have no way of confirming or actioning it if it’s the case. Can’t separate Dolores from her sisters, she wouldn’t survive alone.

This was still in the days when we weren’t sure of Valentina’s name. For this reason, I was searching for a strong, uplifting name. Didn’t want a chick with another name that would burden her. Did we burden Dolores with that name? We will never know. But Valentina is a strong name: valiant, brave. This reflects her curious and bold personality.

And then there is Consuelo. To console. She is the sweetest of the three. She is the bigger sister that will be in the line of fire. She will make Dolores’ pain lesser, smaller. She will take care of Dolores and Valentina.

Is this just a mere psychological association I am making to try to justify their names? To try to make the name fit the personality? Maybe. But they will be my three little precious girls: the young, the bold and the vigilant.

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