Winter is here – Week 49

This post is a double whammy. Why? Because I am going to talk about two things in this post.

The first is obviously the fact that we are in week 50 of 52. As it can be seen in the photo I published for last week (week 49), I am feeling the cold and staying mostly indoors. Instead of wearing shorts, you will see that I am wearing sweat pants to keep me warm (even indoors!).

The second item I’m covering is that, with winter here, I feel very secluded and do not want to go out to photograph. Two weekends ago I was up in the Yarra Ranges and saw a bit of snow (not the hero photo of this post), it was fun but quick (and we got there past sunset and there was very little light). The cold makes me want to stay indoors and rug up and eat comfort food. This also gets me a bit sad, as my Self-Portrait project is just a few weeks from its conclusion, and I would end up with nothing to photograph. This means that I will have to progress one of my other projects, or start a new one. Here is hoping that Black and White in 5 Movements progresses nicely.

Self-Portrait Week 49

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