Last week the photo I took for my Self-Portrait project was a “high note” type of photo. When I took the photo everything was great and I had things to look forward to.

This week, my mood has changed. Things happened since I took the photo for week 46 and this reflects on my photo for week 47. The three great candidates for this week were with that sentiment, and it became hard to pick. The winner, undoubtedly, was published, but I will leave here the runners up.

The winning photo, that can be seen on the Self-Portrait project, has so much going for it when compared to these two. The light, the contrast and a better expression.

This up-coming week, I will be in warm Brisbane for work and hopefully will be able to take a good self-portrait while there (changing the scenery a bit). I am also hoping that the trip will reduce the weight in my heart and that I will (hoping sooner rather than later) return to the happy man that I am. In this upcoming week, I will miss my recently adopted kitten which provides me with a lot of companionship.

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