Photography Absence

Since my divorce, my life has been constantly changing. Most of the changes, if not all, are for better.

The constant changes also have removed me a bit from photography, I haven’t had the time or headspace to execute even the most simple project I currently have, which is the Self-Portrait project, let alone the ones that involve more planning and coordinating. That is not to say that the changes have had a negative impact on my photography, on the contrary. These changes have inspired more, albeit, having less time and focus to execute them.

Yesterday I sat in front of my computer to edit photos I had taken in the past weeks. It felt good to not do anything rushed and that also felt great that I was editing photos that were great memories of the past weeks. I’ve been spending a lot of time making the memories and not as much developing them. I feel it is a good trade off but will try to balance out the making and developing. It feels good to make memories. Here is a shot of my birthday celebration (not a great photo, but a great moment).

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