Boxing Day Bliss

With the opening of the borders, triple vaccination (I got my booster shot already) and all the warm summer delights ahead, I will go on a road trip on Boxing Day, returning on 04/01/2022.

I have kept the trip quiet as to not jinx it, like the other trips I had planned for this year. I’m going to Cronulla, in New South Wales. It is just south of Sydney and there is supposedly a lot of different opportunities for photography, and even some hiking! Horay!!!

On the way back, we’ll sleep in a couple of cities, to allow us to enjoy the quirkiness of the towns as we spend the night. I’m really excited and have to start planning potential photos for the trip. Not that I’m counting, but only 6 more sleeps until we go on the trip!

Note: the header/hero photo was a screen shot taken from Google Maps. I hold no right to the image.

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