Black and White in 5 Movements project

The problem with starting a project is that, at the start, there isn’t much to see. Projects start small and evolve into something big and beautiful.

I wanted a very strong, bold photo to be the first photo for the Black and White in 5 Movements project and I found it. It is about my bed, my bedtime; one of the most important time in my day. I used a low key approach and it clearly sets the bedtime mood.

It’s not the photo I thought would be the featured image for the Home movement. The one I wanted turned out to be too weak in composition and probably in contrast. And so, Bedtime was chosen as the first photo for the project and the featured image (so far) for Home. To see Bedtime and the any other photos from the project, visit the project page here.

Bedtime was taken in black and white (as opposed to colored then converted) and hand held (no tripod). The purpose of the photo allowed for it to be taken that way.

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