Black and White in 5 Movements

I have started working on my black and white photography project. I entitled it Black and White in 5 Movement. Each movement has a theme in which I will have to explore in black and white. The first theme is Home. I will basically photograph things I have or do in my home in black and white. The best photo of the theme will be published representing that theme in the website, under the corresponding project.

A couple of weekends ago, I tried my first photo for the project. But because there was a lot of black in the photo and details in white in different planes of the photo, some of that detail got lost in the bokeh. That attempt was made by taking a handheld photo.

Understanding that I need to increase my depth of field for the photo and that would not be possible hand holding the camera, I had to buy a new accessory for it: a horizontal extension arm. Because I’m placing the object of the photo on a flat surface, I need the camera to be exactly over the object, far enough from the edge of the bench so that it’s not visible and hold steady while the camera takes photos slower than 1/160 (“steadiest” I can hold a camera for non-moving objects). As such, I present to you my recently arrived arm, mounted on my travel tripod with my small camera attached at the end.

I honestly can’t wait to use it and will start “timing” the 1 month for Home from the date of that photo (will consider older photos that I may have had the intention for the project as well).

New Toy – 09/11

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