Candidates for Week 18

I had a week of ups and downs and it unfortunately finished in a down.

That’s why I ultimately ended up choosing a photo that I wasn’t smiling to be the photo for this week. As such, I had good candidates, but all with a half smile.

This week I took the photos on Sunday of last week (post publishing the previous week’s photos), after I had shaved my beard. I probably hadn’t done a full shave in almost 2 years (maybe more, it generally depends on when I make a mistake trimming my beard). This time I did it for a Halloween costume. The make up looked fantastic! Even had a friend say he was getting aroused by the photo below (taken on my iPhone SE, not great quality, more for showing the makeup than anything else).

Candidate for Self-Portrait Week 18
Candidate for Self-Portrait Week 18
Halloween Costume Makeup

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