About Week 11

I have just published the photo for week 16 of my Self-Portrait project. It has been a week of ups and downs: from feeling handsome/hot, to devastated (personal issues) to pensive. In the end, I published one of the photos I took today as they reflect the mood I’m in at the end of the week.

But this post is really about Week 11, not Week 16. The link on the left is to the project, not the photo directly. The photo is the one on this post. Every time I look at it I think it looks like it has a (/n editing) “filter” on it. It doesn’t. The softness of the light and warmth of the colors are all due to the beautiful afternoon sun that was coming in through the window. I cannot express how much I love this photo and the feeling it evokes in me. I feel it is a true work of art.

Self-Portrait Week 11

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