Feeling Pretty

This week has been rough, and in all the ups and downs, I really had a strange time.

At the same time things seem to start falling into place, they also seem to fall very far from place.

As such, I had a couple of photo shoots of myself, one of them was of me getting ready to go out. I did this because I thought my body was taking shape and I looked good. Upon reviewing the photos, I realized I don’t look at all what I thought I did. I gained 1 kilogram since the last time I felt good about my body. As a result, I ended up publishing in the Self-Portrait project a photo of me partially dressed.

For this post, however, I put in one of the photos of my better days, that just weren’t photographically as interesting as the photo that was selected (but a good photo nonetheless).

Self-Portrait Project Week 14 candidate

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