One Quarter of the Way

Today I complete 13 weeks of my Self-Portrait project. Thirteen weeks is the 1/4 mark.

The premise of the project “documenting all the changes that happen to me” are true in its core. In the last 13 weeks, we have seen me go through significant change. If you compare Week 1 and Week 13, it is possible to see that in week 1 I was a broken man and in week 13 I am smiling and looking hopeful. It was a good day when I took that photo.

I am aware that there is still a long road ahead before getting to the finish line, and I also know that there is turbulence up ahead. The complete 12 months of photography of me will be very telling. We should expect the worst, but hope for the best.

The photo below was one of the candidates (a strong candidate) for week 13. It unfortunately did not make it as the prime photo due to the one that was published having turned out so good.

Me and my Nikon

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