I am trying to sort out the turbulences in my life. The turbulences are really affecting my ability to smile for the camera. From Week 1 of the Self-Portrait project, you can see my trajectory; there have been weeks where I couldn’t even look at the camera, others I have a half cheeky smile, but overall I’ve been serious.

The smiles aren’t coming out, especially in front of the camera. This week I tried smiling at the camera, it did not turn out how I wanted it. Instead, what you see here is what came out: a half regret-smile. As such, my previous photo posted this week in the subject of my self-portrait will be used. That photo reflects very well how I’ve been feeling.

I’m hoping that in the upcoming weeks the issues I’ve been having in my personal life start resolving and in a month or two I can finally take a self-portrait where my natural smile is in full bloom.

Self-Portrait Week 7 Candidate

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