I know I haven’t been posting in here very often. Actually, not often at all compared to what I used to do. The reason for this is a two-fold:

  1. Lockdown
  2. Personal

Let’s start with lockdown. As you have seen from my previous post about the Great Ocean Road trip being cancelled, Melbourne is in lockdown and the state of Victoria has severe restrictions going on. As such, going about one’s day to photograph is not part of the activities allowed to do outside at the moment. I have been focusing on my Self-Portrait project as a consequence of the lack of freedom to do other photographic activities. The photos have not been great, but there it is the only respite I can get through photography at the moment. The hero image of this post is one of the candidates for Week 7.

The second item that has kept me quiet is that my life is going through a lot of turbulence at the moment. Not being able to temporarily escape my problems using photography, I have not been able to deal well with the situation. I am in a very introspective mood and just communicating out and reaching out to close friends and family is a difficult task. As such, I stay in my own little corner trying to get through one day at a time.

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