Travel Tripod

Since acquiring my travel tripod, I have noticed the increase in tripod related photographic activity. I believe it is related to how easy to transport the tripod is. Because of its size and weight, it is easy to store in an accessible location, making it easy to just grab and take it.

The other reason that makes it so inviting to use it, is that it fits perfectly on both my photographic backpack and my photographic carry-on roller bag. Both have straps on the outside, on the side, to carry a travel tripod. In fact, I bought this tripod because I KNEW it would fit and that I would be able to take it with me wherever I went. Such foresight was valuable, because now I take a lot more advantage of tripods than I used to.

Similarly to what I did with tripods, I want to do with my mobile light studio. I currently have 2 full sized (7 feet) light holder tripods and a miniature one. I have 3 diffusers, 3 remote controlled external flashes and 3 (maybe 4) Bowens mounts for the flashes that fit the diffusers. The issue I currently have is transportation of all of this.

Whenever I want to take my light studio for a shoot out, I have to look in 3 or 4 different places to get all the equipment: the lights, the diffusers, the tripods, the batteries for the lights. If I need to take it somewhere, I need to find a decent/reasonable configuration of all the material in the bags that I plan on taking, as equipment is not in an easy to grab bag.

I have found in Amazon, a carry bag (with wheels) for light studio that is reasonably priced. I have found less reasonably priced bags in other stores as well, and they are probably better quality than the cheaper ones sold on Amazon. The one I’m looking at costs less than AUD$200 for a bag that is almost 1 m tall. That would be my estimated ideal size, as my tripods closed are about 71cm. The one that costs closer to AUD$100 is 75cm and I believe I would struggle to get everything to fit nicely/orderly in the bag. If I had the opportunity to look at the product (and maybe take my gear with me to test it out), I would probably be less reluctant to get the smaller one.

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