To logo or not to logo

I’ve been struggling for a while with my copyright image. As someone who (thinks he) creates beautiful images, I would want something beautiful to say the image is my intellectual property.

I’ve been using the same boring “© Bernardo Brandao”, sometimes with the year that the photo was taken. I sometimes think that it is too simple doesn’t do justice to my art (and not necessarily talking about my simplicity). And in that spirit, every now and again, I try to change my branding/watermark.

A couple years back I asked a talented graphics designer to draw something up for me. I liked it, but due to certain circumstances, it didn’t pan out. I was a bit upset with the fact that it didn’t go forward, but that’s life. I found myself recently again trying to find the right design for the branding. I want something simple, yet powerful enough for people to associate the image with my brand. A brand that, for now, is associated with an amateur photographer, but that does not mean that’s the brand I’ll want forever. As a result, I’m doing the branding on me and my photography.

So, here is my first attempt. Comparing the same photo with the original “© Bernardo Brandao” and the first attempt of a logo.

Hosier Lane – Melbourne


  1. Turns out I really don’t know my way around the app, trying to find the like button I unfollowed. Lol. Please check if I followed you back.
    I find the first watermark quite my style, simple and visible.


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