Last Tuesday (27/04) I went to Facebook to see if there was anyone interested in participating in a photoshoot. This was inspired by the previous post which I wrote (and had not yet posted at the time) on Directing. I got all sorts of comments, and invited (in the comments section) Lucas and Cintia to be my models once more. They were both up for it.

But I did get interest elsewhere (not much though). One of the interested parties was someone who I used to work with. She actually suggested her partner do a photo shoot. I am thrilled by the possibility.

The second, wasn’t really an interest. It was more an inquiry. I believe he was after something a bit more professional with financial compensation. When I described what I was proposing: I got an “Ah ok” response. I took that as not interested.

The third, which came up a couple of days later, was of an online friend (Brazilian as well). By online friend I mean someone who I have not met in person yet, but we have commented and liked each other’s posts. Getting back to business, in this recent response, he asked if I would be up to taking photos of a couple, that he and his partner would be up for it. This is very exciting.

Lucas is very keen and we are trying to figure out what to do. Last time I photographed Lucas was just me trying to direct him in different parts of the city, no real theme. This time, I’m looking for a theme for the photo shoot (and this reminds me a bit of the discussion in the Inspiration and Creativity post). It just might be that I start having great compositions in my mind like David LaChapelle does. As this is just my first “themed photo shoot”, I doubt I will do anything as complex or as intriguing as David does, but that does not take any value out of what I will do and the results. I am going to start developing the theme and set up a photo shoot with Lucas. I’m sure he and I will work together many more times.

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