Landscape Photography

I may not have spent the whole weekend at Mornington Peninsula but I did have a fruitful weekend.

Despite not going down on Saturday, I did go down on Sunday for brunch with my friend (photographer) who lives in that area. We spent the majority of the day together. Our dogs played non-stop and we caught up on life.

In our catch up, one of the subjects we talked was photography and I asked him a number of questions around landscape photography and filters. That helped me a lot in my internal discussions (that have been externalized in this blog, starting in this post) about buying or not square filters.

He also told me often goes out for landscape photography, as that region has many interesting places to photograph. He generally does morning or late afternoon (sunrise/sunset) sessions for this award-winning photos. Sounds a lot like what I want to do in my Woodend weekend.

From a photography perspective, the most exciting thing I got from the drive down to the peninsula was that we have agreed to do landscape photography together whenever I have availability. I would drive down for the weekend and we would go out for a couple of landscape photos is the wee hours of the day. He is such a talented photographer and I have a lot to learn from him. I will make the most of it.

You can find his photography Facebook page here and his site here.

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