Album or Project?

So, this little love muffin came into my life 3 days ago! He is the cutest thing ever and I want to be Elmira and just hug him and squeeze him and love him. Unlike the chickens, he actually enjoys the love cuddles.

I decided that I had to take TONS of photos of him. What I’m not sure is what format it is going to be: a formal project, like 52 weeks of chickens, or just an online album about Hughey (and also maybe other dogs). If I am to do a formal project, I don’t want to repeat the same format of 52 weeks of chickens; I would have to come up with a different purpose for the project.

Because he moves fast and so do the light conditions around him, some of the photos I put in automatic with no flash. The problem with that is that you can’t always pick where the camera/lens will use to put focus on. That’s why some of the photos Hughey is slightly out of focus.

So for now, I will just leave you these photos of Hughey to enjoy and fall in love with him as much as we did.

For now, I will keep it in Albums, but may become a project when I have a better understanding what I want to do other than “take photos of Hughey”.

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