Gold Coast

I discovered that Gold Coast is cooler than Melbourne (at least for today). The forecast for the next days here is really dull: 28oC partly sunny EVERY DAY. Coming from a city like Melbourne, that the weather prediction can change from one minute to the next, having a 5 day forecast that looks exactly the same in the upcoming days is a breath of fresh air. This allows us to plan properly our activities.

Speaking of which:

  1. Today: Natural Bridge/Arch + Twin Falls
  2. Tomorrow: Wet ‘n Wild
  3. Sunday: Beach + Island cruise
  4. Monday: WB Movie World
  5. Tuesday: Go home 😦

The city is lovely and reminds me a lot of Florida (Orlando and Miami). There is even a suburb here called Miami 😛

We got a room with an Ocean view, which means we get to see the sun rising (at 4am). I will post photos of it once we get back home. The sun rises around 4:45am, because Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings time (something about the cows not wanting to adjust to the new time difference).

I have to say: after going to the beach in Rio, Melbourne, Sydney, Vanuatu and Gold Coast (still only looked, but will go on Sunday and can see from the hotel room); the Pacific Ocean is so much prettier than the Atlantic (sorry Rio). It is a different kind of blue.

All-in-all, the trip has been great so far and it was great to get out of Melbourne: I’d been saying for a while that I needed some time away and I’m thankful that Dean suggested it.

Stay tuned for more photos.

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