Finding Your Reflection(s)

You may have noticed how excited I am with these exercises by the fact that I have posted twice (more?) in two days about them. But here is goes.

There is a “Find Your Reflection” assignment in the book. And I was going to use my partner to execute the exercise. But I thought to myself: why am I stopping there? Why don’t I apply the exercise with a number of people?

As a result, I am proposing to do the assignment with 10 people as a first attempt (my partner plus 9 others). Again, this will become a ‘long running’ project.

I have already 1 other person with whom I have talked to and agreed to do the exercise with me, in exchange, I will need to do a photo shoot of her puppy (a very cute Staffordshire Bull Terrier). It’s basically a win-win situation. The sooner the better as the puppy will grow quickly.

More to come, for the project page, click HERE.

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